This article will cover how to edit the settings of your page. This includes your SEO Settings (meta tags), Social Settings, Background Settings, Global Text Settings, Tracking Codes, and Custom CSS.

Clicking on the Settings gear icon at the top right of the editor is where you can access all of these features.

Editing Page Settings

Meta Tags / Social Settings

Page Title – Add the site title for SEO purposes and for the web browser and tabs.

Page Description – Write your SEO description here. Approximately 150 words for the best result in Search Engines.

Page Keywords – Add a few keywords about your page. (optional)

Page Author – Your name. (optional)

Page Image URL – Used for Facebook and others when sharing your page.

Background Settings

Background Color – Change the solid color for your background using the color picker.

Background Image – Add your own background using a URL or select the Plus icon to add your own or select from various stock images.

Background Position – Change the style of your background image. Have it repeat, center, or full width.

Global Text Settings

Font – Select your default font for all the text on your page.

Text Color – Choose the default color for all the text on your page.

Text Link Color – Choose the link color for all the text links.

Tracking Codes

Add your own tracking codes such as Google Analytics, Alexa Code, Facebook Tracking Pixels, etc.

Custom CSS (for advanced users)

Add your own custom CSS. Use the ID of elements, rows, sections, and columns.

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