**Please note that this method has changed. Google will be merging the Hangout On Air Service with of YouTube Live streaming.

You can still use Google Hangouts On Air, but it is set up inside YouTube Live.

Also, in order to embed the Google Hangout On Air using the method below, you will need to have monetization enabled on your YouTube Account and your YouTube account must be connected to an active AdSense account.

To see how to embed a YouTube Live Video into your ClickFunnels pages, please see this article here:

How To Embed Google Hangouts On Air On Your ClickFunnels Page

This article is going to cover how to embed a Live Google Hangout (or "Hangout on Air") into your webinar broadcast room.

To use Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live, follow these steps:

  • Go to Live Streaming Events in Creator Studio.
  • Click New live event.
  • Select Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air).
  • Give your live stream a title.
  • Click Go live now or enter in details to schedule your event for later.
  • Use Hangouts to broadcast live.

Please Note: When copying and pasting the embed code, you will need to make sure of one thing. Locate "http://" and change the link to be "https://", this is a security requirement for Video to be displayed over ClickFunnels pages.

You can then paste this embed code in the Custom Embed settings for the video element on your broadcast page.

Now that the embed code (with the "https://" change) has been pasted into your webinar broadcast or webinar replay room, you can now begin your broadcast and start your webinar!

If you have any other questions regarding webinars and using Google Hangouts on Air, please feel free to contact support. We're more than willing to help you with anything you may need!

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