This article will cover how to add an EasyVideoSuite (EVS) video to your page. EVS is one of the best ways to manage your videos that are hosted on Amazon s3. The app can screen record for you, convert videos for optimized web format, and upload to Amazon s3. The web based app lets you manage all your videos, customize the look of the player, see video stats, and more.

*NOTE* EasyVideoSuite video's will work with most page types, but are not currently available to use within membership lessons. 

First Add A New Section

You can add a new section by either clicking Add New Section on the page, or going into the Sections tab on the right side toolbar and clicking Add New Section.

Next Add Row and Container

Once you have a Section, you will need to add a Row and Container. The container allows you to separate elements across a single row with different widths.

Add The Video Element

Once you have the Row and Container, you will be able to add the element. Click Add Element and choose Video.

Go To Your EVS Video

Next you will need to log into your EasyVideoSuite dashboard and go to the video you want to embed, mouse over the video and then click Embed

Get Your EVS Embed Code

Once in the embed area, click the Responsive code tab and copy that text. In the next step you will need to convert the "http" to "https"

Go To Video Settings In ClickFunnels

Next go back to ClickFunnels, click on your Video Element to edit the settings, and choose EasyVideoSuite from the Video Type drop down. Then paste the EVS Embed Code into the box provided.

*Important Note*: Replace any instance of 'http' with 'https'

Set Video Player Style

After you have pasted the embed code, you can edit the style of the player which will change the size or the Skin around the video.

Congratulations, Your EasyVideoSuite Is Now Embedded On Your Page

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