This article will cover how embed a Vimeo Video on your page. Vimeo is an excellent video hosting solution. The default player looks very clean, it doesn't link to other videos, and is a lot more affordable than many other services out there.

Important Note: To use commercial content ( defined as any content relating to business according to ) on Vimeo, you will need to purchase their Vimeo Pro subscription.

First Add A New Section

You can add a new section by either clicking Add New Section on the page, or going into the Sections tab on the right side toolbar and clicking Add New Section.

Next Add Row and Container

Once you have a Section, you will need to add a Row and Container. The container allows you to separate elements across a single row with different widths.

Add The Video Element

Once you have the Row and Container, you will be able to add the element. Click Add Element and choose Video.

Go To The Video You Want To Embed

In a new window, go to the Vimeo video that you want to embed.

Get Vimeo Link

When you mouse over the video you will see a Paper Airplane, that is the share button. Click that and it will bring up a window with your link to use in ClickFunnels.

Go To Video Settings In ClickFunnels And Set Vimeo Settings

Next go back to ClickFunnels, click on your Video Element to edit the settings, and choose Vimeo from the Video Type drop down. Then paste you Vimeo link into the Vimeo URL box. After that choose whether or not you would like the video to Auto Play.

Set Video Player Style

After you have pasted the embed code, you can edit the style of the player which will change the size or the Skin around the video.

Congratulations, Your Vimeo Video Is Now Embedded On Your Page

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