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This article will cover how to set up different column blocks for your rows.

Column blocks will give your page layout possibilities. You can have one or multiple columns within a row. You can also have unlimited rows with any column block style you want. Here are the various column blocks you can choose from:

Column Settings

You can edit the Column Name, Padding, Background Color, Width, and much more.

Column Name – Give your column a name to help organize your page

Column ID – Used for your own custom CSS and absolutely must be a unique ID (auto generated for you)

Background Color – Change the background color using the Color Picker.

Background Image and Position – Choose from your own graphics or use the pre-loaded BG images. Select the position: full width, repeat, etc

Column Padding and Margins

Control the padding and margin for your column

Padding – Change the Top and Bottom padding sizes individually. Control the Left / Right padding together.

Margin – Add some top margin to make some space between your columns. Control the Left / Right margin of your column together.

Column Corners and Border

Change the border size, style and add rounded corners.

Corner Radius – Choose the size of the rounded corners. 5px for small and 20px for large corners.

Corner Edge – Choose the have rounded corners for all, just the top or just the bottom.

Borders – Add a full border, just the top and bottom or just on the top or bottom.

Border Styles – Choose to have a solid border, dashed or dotted styles.

Border Size – The thickness of the borders for your column.

Border Color – Choose a color using the color picker for your borders.

Column Effects and Animation

With these options you can really make your columns pop out and animate.

Add Drop Shadow – Choose to have a light, full or dark drop shadow for your column.

Animation – Choose the different animation settings. Please see the article on "Animations" for more information on animations.

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