This article will cover how to add new elements to your pages.

Add elements to your page. This is where you can add your own text content, images, videos and other elements to create fully functional landing pages. Inside of a row you can add a new element.

Click Add New Element

Additionally you can also click the + on any element after hovering your mouse on it for a few seconds

Select An Element

You can search through the elements at the very top. You can change the element name before you add it, or leave it empty. You can also double-click an element to add it to the page or simply click "Add to Page"

List of Currently Available Elements (as of September 2014)

  • Headline / Text
  • Button
  • Image Modal
  • Date Countdown
  • Navigation
  • Price Table
  • Image Button
  • Single Image
  • Input Form
  • Video Modal
  • Bullet List
  • Social Shares
  • FAQ Block
  • Divider / Separator
  • Video
  • Image Feature (with text block)
  • Bullet List (Image)
  • Facebook Comments
  • Custom HTML
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