If you subscribe to the Etison Suite plan, you may use Actionetics to send email broadcasts to your lists. 

Email broadcasts are one-off emails that are sent once, without any follow-up sequence or actions. 


  • Etison Suite subscription
  • SMTP Integration
  • Custom Domain

Getting Started

To send an email broadcast, hover your mouse over Actionetics at the top of the screen and click Broadcasts.

Click New Email Broadcast

Configure Your Broadcast Settings

  1. Type the subject line for your email [REQUIRED]
  2. Select the email list(s) to which you wish to send your email. Note: If contacts are on multiple lists, they will only receive the email once. [REQUIRED]
  3. Select your SMTP Configuration [REQUIRED]
  4. Select the domain for your click tracking and unsubscribe links. [REQUIRED]
  5. Type to From Name for your email broadcast. This is what contacts will see in their email client.  [REQUIRED]
  6. Type an email address to send a test email. After adding the email address here, click "Save & Send Test" to send your test email. [OPTIONAL]
  7. Toggle the option to send now or to send later. Selecting Send Later will toggle a calendar to schedule your email.

Select Your Email Template

You must configure all of the email broadcast settings prior to selecting an email template. 

Once you have configured your broadcast settings, hover your mouse over the template that you wish to use for your email. 

Hover your mouse over the email template thumbnail and click Use This Template.

Edit Your Email

After you have selected your template, click Open Email Editor to edit your email. 

You will then be able to edit your email in the email editor. 

After you are done editing your email, click the Save button and then click Close

Creating Email Templates

If you wish to use your email as a template for future emails, click the Save Email Template link next to the Open Email Editor button. 

Give your email template a name, and toggle the Enable switch to make sure that your template is visible. 

Click Create Email Design

Sending Your Email Broadcast

After your email broadcast is configured, click the green Send Email button to queue your email for sending. 

If your email is scheduled to send later, it will start sending at that time. 

If you have chosen the option to send your email now, it will queue up and send within five minutes. 

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