To best ensure quality and accuracy of statistical reporting for email campaigns, statistics may not always reflect real-time representation of events. This new process is designed to give you the highest level of reporting and accuracy for your marketing campaigns.

Actionetics Email Broadcasts

If you are having issues with your email broadcasts sending, please follow these steps first. 

  1. Make sure that your email has a Subject Line
  2. Make sure that you have at least one Email List selected to send the email to and that the contacts on that email list have not unsubscribed. 
  3. Make sure that you have selected a valid SMTP configuration. (We will cover troubleshooting the SMTP configuration in more depth below.)
  4. Make sure that you have selected an email template for your email. 
  5. Make sure that you have selected Send Later for your email, you have selected a date and time to send the email. If you have selected Send Now, make sure that you have clicked the green Send Email button for the sending to begin. When you use the Send Now option, the email will queue up to send within five minutes. It will not send immediately. This gives you the chance to cancel the email send if you need to.

Trouble Shooting your SMTP

Learn how to trouble shoot your SMTP here

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