Actionetics Lists

Lists are used inside Actionetics to manage contacts. You can add contacts to (or remove contacts from) lists from your individual page's Email Settings, Funnel Step Automation Actions, Product Email Integration Settings, and even Action Funnel Step Actions.

Unlike SmartLists, these "add to list" Actions must be set up inside your account manually at each step that you desire and cannot be filtered with Rules and Rule Groups.

If a list is associated with an Action Funnel, the Action Funnel will be triggered when the contact is added to the list. 

In order to send a Broadcast Email to your contacts, they must first be placed on a list inside Actionetics. 

You can also use tags to further segment your lists. 

See article: How to Tag Contacts in ClickFunnels and Actionetics

Actionetics SmartLists

SmartLists are a newer feature inside of ClickFunnels that allow you to automatically add contacts to a list based on various criteria. Once you set up your SmartList, it is constantly running in the background and checking each new contact that is added inside your ClickFunnels account. 

For example, let's say that you wanted to add any contact who purchases a product in your ClickFunnels account to a "Buyers" list, you could do that with a SmartList. 

You could also create a list of "Facebook Influencers" and have your SmartList check the number of Facebook followers that a contact has. If they have over 1000 Facebook followers, you could automatically add them to your Facebook Influencers list. 

Once a contact has been added to a SmartList, it will also trigger any associated Action Funnels. 

You can also send Email Broadcasts to SmartList contacts. 

Creating a SmartList

To create a SmartList, go to Actionetics > Email Lists and click Add New List

On the Add New List menu, you will do the following:

  1. Give your list a name (this is for your reference only)
  2. Assign a group tag (optional, this is for your reference only)
  3. Check the SmartList checkbox
  4. Click Create New List

Managing Your SmartList 

After you have created your SmartList, there are a few things that you can do:

  1. Add Your First Rule - You will have to do this in order for your SmartList to function properly. 
  2. Edit Name - You can edit the name of your SmartList at any time. 
  3. Remove List - Deleting your SmartList will only remove the list. This will remove any contacts from this list, but it will not delete the contacts from your account. 
  4. SmartList Settings -  you can click here to edit your SmartList settings at any time. If you edit or change your SmartList rules, the contacts on the SmartList will also be updated accordingly.

Understanding Rules and Rule Groups

When you are creating your Rules to configure your SmartLists, it is important that you understand how Rules and Rule Groups operate. 

When you create a Rule Group, the contact must match ALL criteria of that rule group in order to be added to the SmartList. (This is also known as a Boolean AND operator.)

When you have multiple Rule Groups, the contact must match all the criteria of ONLY ONE Rule Group in order to be added to the Smart List. (This is also known as a Boolean OR operator.)

In the example below, Has Optin Tag is the first rule group, and Has Optin2 Tag is the second rule group. The contact only has to match the criteria of one group in order to be added to the SmartList.

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