In order to import your contacts into ClickFunnels, you must first save your file as a csv file. Make sure it does not start with any blank (empty) lines.

Once you have done that, navigate to Actionetics > Contacts > Import Contacts.

This will bring up the contact import wizard. 

Select your file from your computer and click the Upload button. 

Map your fields by dragging the Available Fields buttons on the right to the correct location on the left under Your CSV's Columns.

And then click the Review button.

Next you will need to select the list(s) to which you will add your contacts. You can also choose whether or not to queue any emails in Action Funnels that are associated with those lists. 

After you have done this, verify that your fields have been mapped correctly and click the Looks Good! Import These X Contacts button.

You will then be taken to the import queue. 

Once your list has been imported you will receive a message about whether or not the import was successful. 

If you need to visit the import queue again in the future, the direct link to that page is:

On this page you can see the details of previous imports.

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