What You Will Need:

Actionetics Action Funnel
Actionetics Email List
SMTP Service

Step 1

  • Go to Action Funnel
  • Give the funnel a Name
  • Group Tag (Optional)
  • Add to a List
  • Select SMTP Config

Step 2

  • Create First Action Step 
  • Give the Action Step a Name 
  • When do you want the Action to Trigger 
  • Choose Trigger
  • Click Add New Funnel Step

Step 3

  • Settings for Action Funnel
  • Name Action
  • Integrations: Clickfunnel Internal
  • Actions to Do: Email Notification
  • Email to Notify: Enter Your Email Address
  • Click Update Funnel Action

Step 4

  • Add Rule to Group
  • Click Add Rule to Group
  • Select new Rule ( See sample in video)
  • Save Group

How it Works

  1. Contact opts in
  2. Contact gets added to list
  3. List triggers action funnel with Page Notifier action
  4. Contact visits any page inside your ClickFunnels account
  5. Page notifier triggers.
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