Follow-Up Funnels

Formerly known as Action Funnels, Follow-Up Funnels have added a diverse spread of options for internal functionality.

Internal Functionality: Built in Apps

  • Learn how to set up an Email Messenger
  • Learn how to Set up Facebook Messenger
  • Learn how to Set up Desktop Messenger
  • Learn how to set up Funnel Messenger
  • Learn how to set up FB Retargetting Messenger
  • Learn how to set up Text Messenger

Wait Steps

Formerly known as action funnel steps. Wait step functionality has changed quite a bit! 

  • Wait Steps queue one at a time
    This means that within a sequence of wait steps, your next Wait Step will not be queued until the previous step as been engaged. 
  • Wait steps are now able to be added to the end of a funnel sequence.
    If you have a Follow-Up Funnel, you can now add additional Wait Steps to the end. These steps will be queue for all present contacts, even if they had previously finished the Follow-Up Funnel Sequence. 

Send Windows

  • A Send Window allows you to choose a day and time window for when you want a sequence to be queued for delivery. 
  • Selecting a Send Window can impact delay for the day sent in the sequence set up
  • Send Windows are based off account time zone settings 

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