Step One: Open your SMTP Settings

  • Select your Account Drop down Menu
  • Select SMTP Settings
  • Select Set Up Email Settings
  • Select Get Started 

Step Two: Enter your SMTP Settings

  • Title - The name of your integration. This is for your reference only. This can be anything that you like. 
  • From Name - This is the name that will display in the user's email client when they receive an email from you. 
  • From Email - This is the email address that your emails will be sent from. This will also be the address that users respond to if they click "Reply" in their email client.
  • Domain - Select the domain you will be utilizing for this SMTP
  • Address - Enter your businesses physical address 
  • SMTP Footer - Your SMTP Footer is the information that will be included in the footer of all your emails. This footer area supports HTML code. 

<center><p>Company Name | 123 Address, City, State, Zip | 9876543210</p>
<p><a href="#UN_SUB#">Unsubscribe</a></p></center>

  • Select Default SMTP integration if appropriate
  • Select Save SMTP Integration

Your internal Clickfunnels Email with a Clickfunnels purchased domain is now complete.

If you require further assistance, you can click the support icon in the bottom-right corner of this page.

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