This action steps enables you to utilize your Twilio Account account to send SMS messages through your Follow-Up Funnels on Actionetics MD.

Step One: Adding a New SMS Step

  • Select Add New Step
  • Select Text Messenger

Step Two: Selecting / Adding your Twilio Account 

  • Select Send SMS 
  • Select Continue
  • Select an Connect an Account if one is not presently integrated
    You can learn how to connect your Twilio Account here
  • If Twilio is integrated, Select the integration and Save+Continue

Step Three: Setting up your message 

  • Add your Step Name
  • Add your When to Trigger Action Setting
  • Add your Send SMS message 
  • Determine if a Push Window will be utilized
  • Set your beginning day and time
  • Do note, this can delay your initial send period
  • Determine if you filters will be utilized
  • Default will send this message to everyone on this list
  • You can use the rule options above to restrict who this message is sent to. 
  • Select Save 

Step Four: Make Your Step Live

  • Make Live

If you require further assistance, you can click the support icon in the bottom-right corner of this page.

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